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Cosmetic kits for refugee women

On the occasion of the International Day of Charity, the Women’s Aid International Foundation distributed body care cosmetic kits to IDP women and elderly women. Women living in the Dniprovskiy district of Kyiv received this help.

We understand that because of the war, many women simply cannot afford high-quality care cosmetics. Body care products are essential. But we decided to provide women with not just the necessary tools, but also those that will bring them pleasure during use, that will allow them to feel simple female happiness again – taking care of their body with high-quality cosmetic products.

ВПО отримують косметичні набори

Where were cosmetic kits distributed?

We organized the distribution of cosmetic sets in the premises of the Territorial Center of Social Assistance of the Dniprovskiy district of Kyiv. We regularly change the areas and distribution points of kits so that more many women, elderly people and people with disabilities can receive help from our Foundation.

How was the process of distribution?

Previously, we invited a certain number of women who filled out questionnaires on our website and asked for help. IDP women who applied for help to the Territorial Center for Social Assistance of the Dniprovskiy District of Kyiv were also able to receive kits right on the day of distribution.


впо украна біженці допомога благодійність україна київ

What did the cosmetics set consist of?

Each kit included the following cosmetics:

– shampoo;

– deodorant;

– shower gel;

– balm;

– cleansing cream-gel for children and adults.

How many cosmetic sets were distributed?

40 women received cosmetic kits from the Women’s Aid International fund.


The issue was organized with the assistance of the Territorial Center of Social Assistance of the Dnipro District of Kyiv. Delivery of the sets to the point of issue took place with the support of the ARENA CS agency.


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