No good deed can do without the voluntary participation of a wide range of concerned people – volunteering. The argument in favor of this is the incredible unity and activity of volunteers right now, during the war. In the implementation of some charitable activities, the knowledge and enthusiasm of volunteers have become a circulatory system of charity, without which the implementation of projects and actions would be simply impossible.

The charitable programs of our foundation are diverse, and each of them needs volunteers, namely:

• Hairdressing services for the elderly

• Primary legal aid

• Consultations with a psychologist, rehabilitation specialist

• Organization of lectures, lessons, concerts, excursions

• Conducting online events for our wards

• Information support, language assistance during large charity events

• Sign language interpreters

• Accompanying the elderly at cultural events

• Delivery of a food kit or a small package of detergents to the apartment of our wards who live next to you

• Assistance in transportation to / from the medical institution for a doctor’s consultation

• Assistance in the work of the Call Center of our foundation

• Assistance to coordinators of targeted assistance projects and other programs.

If you are one of these professionals and want to join the help – you are our ideal volunteer!

Volunteers can be active citizens – schoolchildren, students, professionals in various fields, retirees, and whole teams of organizations and companies. After all, team building in corporate volunteering has recently become very popular in the business community. And we, in turn, will be happy to help organize such a charity event!

The Volunteer Center operates on the basis of our foundation. Volunteers who come to our aid are very different in age, education, and social experience. For volunteering to be effective and satisfy the volunteer himself, and for our wards’ benefit, we have created a WAI volunteer training program.

We also give our helpers special incentives: selfless volunteering needs support and recognition!

Do you want to join our team or offer corporate volunteering?

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