How to join?

If you are reading this page, so your heart beats simultaneously with our hearts, and you want to move from noble intention to real deeds. 

How can you do this? There are many options. Choose if you want to act as a private person. Or on behalf of your company, organization, or institution.”

Personal charity


This means that every month a small but much-needed amount will be automatically deducted from your card to help needy older adults and women who suffered as a result of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

You set the amount of the monthly donations yourself. You can unsubscribe at any time.

2. Donate any amount to the fund right now

Be sure your amount will do a good job – check out our reports!

Where do your money go after you transfer them to the Women’s Aid International Foundation

You buy a grocery set

You join in person to buy products that a single older adult can barely scrape together from retirement. You do not have to go to the store, buy and carry a gift. Just now, you can donate money, and we will buy a grocery kit on your behalf and give it to those who need food the most right now! Moreover, you can pay for 5 or even 10 food kits. Your donation will save 5 or 10 needy older women from starvation. Every month we organize a charity event and hand out food kits.

You buy hygiene products or household chemicals

A clean house is necessary for a healthy life.

When you are young, you have money and can shop nearby. There are no problems with buying and bringing home. But the war has changed a lot, especially for those who do not leave home for years and do not have enough money. When the sirens of an air alarm suddenly sound, few will agree to bring such a necessary thing to a stranger. But we do.

You are joining the Care Package project. This package includes detergents, adult diapers, and disposable diapers. We donate this package every quarter on behalf of our philanthropists.

You also participate in a program to help girls and women affected by the war and evacuated from hotspots. Your donuts help you buy one or more Girls Care Packages . Each package contains detergents and personal hygiene products.

You pay for professional services for those we care

One of the biggest problems for people with disabilities and bedridden people is getting a hairdresser. We have found an opportunity to organize hairdressers’ visits to such people at a very reasonable price!

You can pay for a hairdresser’s visit – 1, 5 or 10 times! It means that one, five, or even ten needy people will be neatly cut and look at themselves in the mirror with a smile!

3. You can mention our Foundation in your will

If it has happened in your life that the time has come for you to make and draw up a will, you can list our Foundation in it as one of the heirs, bequeathing any amount of money or whatever you deem necessary. 

Your name and charity act will be forever engraved on the plaque at the entrance to our Foundation so that people know and remember the generosity of your heart.

4. You can make a special day

You can make your birthday or any special date unique – make a call through social networks to donate to the Foundation’s account the amount they would like to give you in honor of the holiday. Arrange your special day unusually and nobly.


We offer many ways to join socially significant projects. For legal entities

Joint CSR projects

Part of our team has significant expertise in marketing, event organization, and work with international charity projects. We have experience in implementing and understanding the impact of many CSR projects. We are happy to offer your business a corporate social responsibility project right for your business, team, and corporate culture.

There are many ways to conduct joint charitable initiatives! For example, you can make one of your products or services charitable for one month and transfer part of the proceeds from its sale to help vulnerable older people.

Depending on the specialization of your business, it is possible to involve a team to provide services or volunteer “Pro-bono.” The wards of our Foundation need many types of professional services that private companies can deliver on a charitable basis. For example, services for masterclasses, training; household services: hairdresser, cleaner, master of repair of household appliances, master of repair work in living quarters; professional consultations: lawyer; medical services: nurse, rehabilitation specialist. Your employees can share their professional skills with seniors supported by our Foundation, and employees have the opportunity to unleash their coaching and creative potential, as well as pump empathy and charity.

Alternatively, you can transfer any amount of goods that your company produces as charitable assistance.

The foundation is constantly in need of supplies such as food, drinking water, hygiene products, household chemicals, rehabilitation products, fuel for refueling our cars, delivering aid or transporting wards, simple smartphones or tablets, and more.


You can order any event planning services at ARENA CS creative agency for your company. We receive 50% of the agency commission from such orders to implement the Foundation’s charitable programs. Contact us to find out how to make such a request.

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