Thermal underwear for IDP women

Thermal underwear for displaced women

Thermal clothing was provided to displaced women by the Women’s Aid International Foundation together with the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) and the Care organization.

термобілизна жіноча впо допомога фонд яни матвійчук україна вимушені переселенці впо

Thousands of women came from the southern and eastern regions to Kyiv in the summer. Many of them did not bring warm clothes with them. Some hoped to return home quickly, some had nothing left to take. Everything was destroyed by the Russians. We understand well that thermal clothing is expensive, and winter came sooner this year. The situation of IDPs and Ukrainians in general is further worsened by constant power outages, as a result of which it is not always possible to warm up or prepare a hot drink. In addition, very often it is women who support the whole family. They have to look for different sources of income in order to survive. And this work is not always in warm rooms. Therefore, thermal underwear is extremely important for Ukrainian women who found themselves in a difficult situation due to Russia’s military aggression.

впо фонд яни матвійчук термобілизна для жінок україна київ допомога переселенцям

Recently, our Foundation provided diapers and diaper pants to forcibly displaced persons with disabilities.

How many sets of thermal clothing were issued?

147 women received thermal underwear sets.

жіноча термобілизна впо україна яна матвійчук київ апо


We would like to thank the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) and the Care organization for their support.


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