Our new direction of assistance is legal education and protecting citizens' rights - WOMEN'S AID INTERNATIONAL

Our new direction of assistance is legal education and protecting citizens’ rights

The Day of the Constitution of Ukraine this year became a landmark for our charitable foundation, Women’s Aid International. After all, 28 in June 2022, we agreed on the directions of cooperation and signed memorandum on cooperation with a new partner – Right-bank Kyiv local center for providing free secondary legal assistance. Our hotline receives inquiries almost every day about charitable support in solving some legal issues – starting from help in writing an application to communal or social services for emergency assistance in the prevention of violence against an older person or even a child. There are many questions about rights from the families of the defenders and the evacuated people! Solving such issues requires the attention of lawyers. So, from now on we can send appeals that concern the legal department to the hotline of our new partner – 0800 213 103. At the same time, during a sincere conversation, we concluded that people could avoid many situations if they had known about their rights and how to use them. Therefore, we came up with another irection of charity assistance. We will implement public legal education and find partners that can help us. Next month, together with the Right Bank Kyiv local center that ensures free secondary legal assistance, we will conduct an educational webinar on the legal aspects of combating domestic violence for state, municipal, charitable and public organizations. After all, together, we can speed up the victory of Ukraine and build a socially responsible public society!

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