Concert for elderly people and refugees - WOMEN'S AID INTERNATIONAL

Concert for elderly people and refugees

The charity foundation Women’s Aid International, together with its partners, organized a concert on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons (October 1). Elderly people and displaced people were invited to the concert.

concert впо біженці україна переселенці україна гребенюк олена гребенюк

For refugees, one of the most important aspects of adaptation in a new city is participation in cultural events. Meeting new people, establishing friendships and business relationships are important components of socialization.

In addition, most of the forcibly displaced people come to Kyiv from regions where active hostilities are taking place and from temporarily occupied settlements. After experiencing stress, people need positive emotions, they want to distract themselves from thoughts about the war.

concert пенсіонери день людей похилого віку київ україна вимушені переселенці

Elderly people suffer a lot because of the war too.  Prices for medicine, food and utilities are rising. Because of this, elderly people often cannot afford to attend cultural events.

Who performed at the concert?

The Golden Voice of Ukraine, singer Olena Hrebeniuk and singer Bohdan Kirieiev.

співаки концерт україна виступ квітка душа українські пісні гребенюк

Where was the concert?

Palace of Culture “Darnytsia”

Concert program

Olena Hrebeniuk and Bohdan Kirieiev performed the following songs:

  • Kvitka dusha
  • Kokhana
  • Materynska liubov
  • Chornii brovy, karii ochi
  • Na vulytsi skrypka hraie
  • Ia pidu v daleki hory
  • Chervona ruta
  • Misiats na nebi
  • Kyieve mii
  • Dai nam dole syl

Impressions from the concert

The audience really liked the concert. Here’s what impression the concert made on Victoria, who came to Kyiv from Rubizhne, Donetsk region: “Cool. Really cool. I wanted this for a long time. If there is an opportunity, we will come again.”

Mrs. Iryna, who moved to Kyiv with her family from Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, also shared her impressions: “The concert was wonderful. We received a lot of positive emotions. The children liked it very much. We thank the organizers and participants for this wonderful event. I liked all the songs.”

The audience sang along to the artists and even danced. A particularly positive impression was made on the audience by the live performance of the songs.

червона рута біженці впо допомога переселенцям київ українські народні пісні києве мій


We are grateful to the Department of Culture of the Darnytsia District State Administration in Kyiv for providing a hall for the concert. We thank ARENA CS for the logistics.


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