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Hygiene kits for women

Many Ukrainians are now forced to leave their homes and flee to safer parts of the country due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Some planned their departure from dangerous regions in advance, while others were forced to leave in a hurry, without even packing everything they needed. Setting up life in a new city requires a lot of money, which is sometimes not enough for basic means of living. That is why we decided to support women who became internally displaced persons and provided them with hygiene kits.

допомога впо жінки гігієнічні набори київ womens aid international refugees


With the assistance of our Foundation’s partner – the Central District Library named after Pavlо Tychyna – the distribution of sanitary kits was organized for resettled women who are registered and live in the Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv.

Number of sets distributed

We distributed a total of 40 hygiene kits. 20 were given to us by the Golda Meir Institute for Civil Society Development and 20 were purchased with the funds of our Foundation.

Training for women

On the day of the distribution of kits for women, we also conducted a training on the prevention of emotional burnout. The children of the training participants, who were also present at the event, received a book-notebook “Hello. Let’s make friends!”, which contains the story of children of refugees and exercises to overcome children’s stress from moving. Our Foundation translated this edition into Ukrainian and printed the edition with the support of the ARENA CS agency. The library also received several dozen copies of the publication in its collection.

діти біженці українці допомога впо жінки книга womens aid international яна матвічук


The Central District Library named after Pavlo Tychyna provided us with a place to conduct training and distribution assistance. Golda Meir Institute of Civil Society Development donated 20 hygiene kits for women. Delivery of the sets to the point of distribution took place with the support of the company ARENA CS.



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