Report for December 2022 - WOMEN'S AID INTERNATIONAL

Report for December 2022

The charity fund Women’s Aid International continues to provide assistance to forced migrants, elderly people and people with disabilities who live in the Dniprovskyi and Darnytskyi districts of Kyiv. In addition, our Foundation is actively engaged in the development of the social sphere in the capital.

500 forced migrants received financial assistance

Within the framework of the joint project of the charity fund, Women’s Aid International, the Polish Center for International Aid and CARE continued to provide financial support to forcibly displaced people. In December, the third payment tranche in the amount of $75 took place. The total amount of payments in December was $37,500.

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36 people with disabilities received functional underwear

People with disabilities living in the Dniprovskyi and Darnytskyi districts of Kyiv received weight-retaining underpants and diapers.

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Training for volunteers and social workers

In December 2022, the project “Standards of quality volunteer assistance to the elderly” ended. As part of the project, 38 volunteers and social workers underwent training, where they learned how to communicate with vulnerable groups of people, resolve conflicts, combat stress and avoid emotional burnout.

The implementation of this project became possible thanks to Yana Matviychuk, who became a participant of the “Civil Society Fellowships Supporting Young Civil Society Leaders in Eastern Partnership Countries”.

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We thank the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) and the CARE organization for their support. We also express our thanks to the European Union.


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